sheet pile extraction


The D.C.P. Universal Pile Extractor is a vibration free hydraulic pile extraction device, which is suitable for extracting a wide range of pile types from a large variety of ground types. 

Quiet and vibration-less hydraulic pile extraction system

400 tonne to 1000 tonne extraction force

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Technical Details X1000   icon_pdf

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X1000 Universal Pile Extractor. Yarmouth England (2008), 25metre tube extraction for Bam Nuttall.
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X1000 Universal Pile Extractor
Canary Wharf, London, England (2005)
22m (72’) long Corus LX25 piles extractoin for Dawson-WAM

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X1000 Universal Pile Extractor Easington, England (2005)
24metre AZ36-630 crimped pairs for Jan De Nul

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