lifting frame


GAS HOLDER 10,11 & 12

Dawson Construction Plant have been awarded the project to design and manufacture lifting frames for the Kings Cross Development.


Three gas holder structures 10,11 & 12 have been taken down and restored for a new development and regeneration of the area.


The structures consist of three tiers of hollow cylindrical cast iron columns, cast iron capitals and 3 tiers of wrought iron riveted lattice girders.


The columns are to be placed in the DCP frame and lifted from horizontal, through to vertical where a crane can re-position them back into the original structure. The purpose for this specialist designed frame is in the fragile nature of each 100+ year old column. The sections are fine to lift in the vertical but due to there age, material and fabrication. They are very fragile to lift in horizontal.


DCP have also to design a system to install the decorative capitals iver the column sections.


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