100T Shackle



The Dawson 100 ton release shackle has been specifically designed for use on large tubes, and when used as a pair, tubes weighing up to 200 tons can be lifted.

The pin size is 130mm Diameter and is retracted and engaged hydraulically with a hand pump mounted on the ground complete with spooler to keep the hose under control.

The hose length is 60mts allowing long piles to be positioned; because the pin is released hydraulically the operator does not need to be directly underneath the shackle.

The shackle and spooler are mounted into a fabricated frame so that loading and unloading or moving around the job site is just a single crane lift.


High strength cast steel body.

Pin and hydraulic ram are easily removed for easy maintenance.

Main body tested to 5 times SWL

Each shackle is proof tested to 2 times SWL

Hydraulic pin release.




For a 100t Shackle PDF manual ........(click here)