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This robust pile lifting shackle was contractor designed and developed over many years of site use and abuse. The use of these shackles compliments the “Feet on the Ground” approach to piling.


When used in conjunction with the Sheet Pile Threader, there is no need for site operatives to go above the safety of top frame level for interlocking sheet piles or releasing the lifting shackles. The shackles are suitable for lifting all steel piles up to 28mm thick and within the safe working load of the shackle. The shackle is stiffened to resist spreading of the forks when lifting at 90° to the axis of the pile. (See “Safety Check List”). When lifting sheet piles in pairs or individual piles weighing more than the Safe Working Load of the shackle, it is necessary to use multiple shackles in order to keep within the safe working load.


Pairs of shackles can be supplied mounted on a two legged steel wire rope sling. The advantage
being that the standard pair of shackles with lifting sling can be fitted to any pair of Larssen ‘U’ piles, Frodingham ‘Z’ piles, pipe or box piles. No additional parts or change of components is necessary.


The ring at the top of the sling can be hooked directly onto a standard crane hook block, ‘D’ shackle or fork anchor. Shackles can also be fitted onto a solid steel cross head according to customers requirements.



5983 4T EGRS 150 Throat General Assembly
5984 7.5T EGRS 150 Throat General Assembly
5985 10T EGRS 150 Throat General Assembly
5986 7.5T EGRS 250 Throat General Assembly
5987 10T EGRS 250 Throat General Assembly
GRS-017 ISSA Optional Remote Release Detent Kit



. Robust High Strength cast steel body. High alloy steel plunger.
. Plunger mechanism concealed for maximum protection.
. Plunger mechanism easily detachable for maintenance.
. Heavy web stiffening to withstand side left (i.e. 90° to the axis) imposed when lifting piles from a stack. (See “Safety Check List” for correct working practice).
. Lifting ring at top of shackle to enable lifting from a variety of angles.
. Proof loading to twice the safe working load.
. Indicator bar to give clear visual indication that plunger has engaged pile lifting hole completely.
. Shackle throat depth available in two sizes: 150mm (6”) or 250mm (10”) to suit all usual lifting hole positions.
. Quick coupling and release of shackle from piles ensuring maximum productivity.
. ‘Safety ring’ to protect against accidental plunger release caused by poor working practices.




5983 5984 5985 5986 5987



17.5 17.5 17.5 21.5 21.5
A Ø22 Ø28 Ø35 Ø28 Ø35
B 150 150 150 250 250
C 277 277 277 377 377




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Blue Shackles
New Low Temperature shackle

Part No.

Description Colour

Single Euro Ground Release (250/10T)

Low Temperature -40C















Yellow Shackles
New Wide Throat Shackles

Part No. Description Throat Width Colour

Single Euro Ground Release

(250/10T) Throat Depth 250

32.5mm Yellow

Single Euro Ground Release

(250/5T) Throat Depth 250

36mm Yellow

Single Euro Ground Release

(150/10T) Throat Depth 150

35mm Yellow

Single Euro Ground Release

(150/7.5T) Throat Depth 150

35mm Yellow


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