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Dawson Construction Plant has developed an industry leading, robust and simple, electroniccontrol system that constantly monitors the drop weight position. This constant monitoring allows the switching timing on the main hydraulic spool to be trended to continually optimise hammer performance throughout varying piling conditions, such as:


1 – Hard driving with pile recoiling
2 – Soft driving with a running pile
3 – Cold hydraulic oil on start up
4 – Raking piles


With constant drop weight position monitoring, the velocity of the drop weight is also known, therefore energy output can be accurately measured and is displayed to the operator on the powerpack interface screen. This information can be recorded direct to a laptop via a Dawson software interface, and can be saved in standard spreadsheet formats,
giving a blow by blow account of every pile driven and a day to day productivity record.


The main screen displays bar graphs showing hammer stroke & hydraulic oil temperature. An Off Pile indicator confirms when the hammer is securely seated on the pile, and allows piling to commence.


There are numerical read outs showing blows per minute, energy per blow and total blows. The lower reading shows blows in LAP cycle. (Measuring blows per increment). The units can be changed from imperial to metric. The history screen provides information on the total number of start ups / total hours / total blows and total energy through out the life of the hammer.